Justice League: Jason Momoa Shares New Snyder Cut Image of Aquaman vs Steppenwolf ~ Viral 141

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Justice League: Jason Momoa Shares New Snyder Cut Image of Aquaman vs Steppenwolf

With the chatter around the Snyder Cut of Justice League growing louder and louder, Jason Momoa has released a new image from the movie's ending on Instagram. Following a family tragedy, Zack Snyder stepped down from directing Justice League, with the movie's extensive reshoots taking it far off course from his intended vision. With the two-year anniversary of the film's theatrical release nearing, the push for the Snyder Cut of Justice League shows no indication of slowing down.

Indeed, recent developments have seen it growing more prominent by the day, with a renewed wave of mainstream interest after several members of the cast and crew began chiming in, including Jason Momoa, who is the most well-known champion of the Snyder Cut among anyone directly involved with Justice League. Zack Snyder himself stirred the pot considerably earlier today by releasing a never-before-seen image of Barry Allen and Iris West from his version of the film on Vero, and while that did plenty to keep the ongoing talk of the Snyder Cut going on its own, Momoa later threw gasoline on the fire by releasing a new image from the movie's ending on social media.

Justice League's Snyder Cut Has Won Over DCEU Critics

The image, posted to Momoa's Instagram, shows Aquaman impaling Steppenwolf also fits directly in with what is now known about the climactic battle in Snyder's version of Justice League, which saw Wonder Woman decapitate Steppenwolf with her sword. This stands in contrast with the villain's defeat in the theatrical version, which had Wonder Woman shattering his axe to pieces, with the newly fear-stricken Steppenwolf being attacked by his Parademon army before being carried off in a Boom Tube. Momoa would also sign off the post with the campaign's well-known hashtag, "#releasethesnydercut". For his part, Zack Snyder would also allude to Superman sending Steppenwolf into Wonder Woman's waiting sword, commenting "You would need a super punch to get him all the way over to Diana" on Vero, which further reinforces storyboard artist Jay Oliva's description of an "unhinged" Superman in the climax of the film in an interview which discussed Snyder's original Justice League plan.

Jason Momoa has been notoriously vocal in his support for the release of Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, first speaking his mind on the matter during the Aquaman press tour by revealing details of the Snyder Cut's ending which directly set up Arthur Curry's solo movie. Shortly thereafter, Momoa would openly advocate for the cut's release in an MTV News interview with Josh Horowitz. Momoa's support wouldn't end there, with the Aquaman star later confirming to have seen the Snyder Cut itself on social media, also reaffirming his support for its release in a more recent interview with Horowitz, stating "I think the public needs to see it."

By now, it's extremely clear the Snyder Cut is not only rapidly gaining support, but also that talk about it is not going to die out. With one member of the cast and crew after another now candidly speaking about it (aerial second unit director Clay Staub went as far as to call it the "real" version of the movie) the issue is clearly snowballing. Ultimately, the green light for the Snyder Cut of Justice League to be released can only be given by Warner Bros., but at the rate the campaign for it is gaining steam, it seems likely the studio will have to directly comment on the Snyder Cut before too much longer.


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