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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

19 Beautiful Places to Visit

  Santorini one of the most wonderful places of the world in Greece. It is actually an island of Cyclades. It is said to be devastated in the 16th century and since then it is rebuilding and its beauties are increasing with every passing day. The most ideal period of the year to go to this miracle is from April to September. There are a lot of islands in this city and sunbathing around any of these would be an unforgettable experience. There is a natural pool which attracts the tourists from the world.






7. Istanbul
Another beautiful and fascinating place to visit in lifetime is the Turkish city of Istanbul. This city joins the Asia and Europe. It is a very good blend of Asian and European civilizations. It is also an old city with the old name of Constantinople. It is the cultural, economical, historical center of Turkey. It is also famous across the world for its mosques.


8. Victoria Falls

It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the world due to its height and width. It is located in South Africa near the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is also considered as one of the seven natural wonders on the world.


9. Great Wall of China

Another among the Seven Wonders of the World and beautiful place to see is the Great Wall of China. It was built of different material and the purpose was to protect China from invasions of Europe. It is about 21196 meters long and there come many worth seeing sights while travelling along it.


10. Antarctica
It is also the seventh continent of the world with no population and only snow. It is the most remote place on the world and its lowest temperature is recorded at -129 degree. The absence of population makes it a lonely place.


11. Nishinomaru Garden
Another worth visiting place on this planet is the Nishinomaru Garden in Japan. It is in the city of Osaka and is the world’s most popular place to see the blossom of cherries. There are more than 600 cherry trees and 95 kinds of apricot flowers in the garden.


12. Red Beach
Another worth visiting place in the world is Red Beach in China. Its beauty lies in the red plants of Suaeda Salsa. Its redness captures the mind and heart of the visitors and they are stunned at its beauty.


13. Hiller Lake (Pink Lake)

Another very beautiful and breathtaking place is the Hiller Lake which is also called Pink Lake in Western Australia. It is also very unique of its type. According to scientists, its pink color is due the algae found in the lake. It is also a salt lake.

14. Bora Bora
Another very fascinating place to visit in life time is the Four Season Resort in Bora Bora. Bora Bora is an island of French Polynesia. It has been recently awarded the title of the best island of the world. It is the perfect place to live during vacations. It looks like small huts floating in the beautiful island.

15. Glass Beach
Another very charming and captivating place in the world that should be seen once in life time is the Glass Beach in California, a state of U.S.A. There are a large number of glass pieces that gathered after years of throwing garbage into the sea. All the glasses are not allowed to remove and there is law not to remove any of the things and even the glass from its place.

16. Glow Worm Cave
It is also very beautiful and worth visiting place in the world. As the name suggests, it is famous due to glow worms, and it is only one of its type in the world located in New Zealand. There is a visitor center in the cave to see its beauty.

17. Pamukkale

Another of the world’s beauties is Pamukkale which is in Turkey. This city is famous due to its hot water springing over the rocks. UNESCO named it the world heritage sight in 1988. Its beauties also cast a spell on the viewers. It is also famous for its old heritage that it shares from Rome.

18. Ha Long Bay

It is also a worth seeing place of the world and is located in Vietnam. The color of its water is Emerald and large stones are standing at different places that make it look beautiful. There are also many boats for taking the visitors to far off places. This region is also famous for mountain hiking.

19. Westin Maui Resort

Another very beautiful place to visit in life time is the Westin Maui Resort in the American State of Hawaii. It is very charming place to spend holidays. All the rooms in this resort have very enchanting sights that impress the visitors a lot.

In conclusion we can easily say that the world is full of miracles and all the miracles are worth watching. But, it is almost impossible for a common man to reach and see these beauties


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